The Evolution of Taylor Swift’s Voice.

For those who are stuck in 2006, and say Taylor Swift can’t sing, i spent 5 hours making and uploading this video, showing her vocal technique growing through the years (2005-2014). 

Queen herself, Taylor Swift, is an amazing singer, songwritter, producer and she rules world. So take 30 minutes of your life to appreciate the evolution of her live vocals through 9 years of her career.

Day1 (introduction)

This is the first ever day I started this blog, first of all I’m gonna introduce myself. My name is Matthew, as you may saw already, a 14yo swiftie monster boy stuck in a place called Hong Kong.

My objective of this blog is mostly fandom-ing and improve my English by writing posts, so I hope it will work in soon or later.

I’m also kinda a loner, it will be great if you talk to me though inbox or maybe we could be friends(I hope). So yeah today is 29th of June and I will start this blog!!